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Why should you choose bespoke websites over templates?

Find out what the benefits of a bespoke website are over generic themes and templates

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What makes a good website?

A common misunderstanding is that a good website is simple to build and can be achieved using generic templates or themes. Sadly, nothing is ever quite that simple.

A good website is designed and built to meet your unique needs as a business, distinguish you from your competitors and work the way you want it to work. As you might have guessed, generic templates and themes cant achieve this.


What is a bespoke website?

A bespoke website is designed and built to specifically meet your individual needs and represent your business in a unique and effective design. Another term for bespoke would be ‘tailor-made’, in essence, it’s a website built for you.


Stand out from the crowd

Generic themes and templates are by their nature non-specific are often very bland and unimaginative in their look and feel. So, ask yourself is it worth spending time and effort building your website to ultimately look near identical to your competitor’s website? The key is to distinguish yourself from your competitors and show how and why you’re different, otherwise, you’ll find it very difficult to find new customers.

Additionally, many generic themes look great at first glance, with amazing stock images and filler text. However, once you’ve downloaded this theme it soon becomes apparent that you’ve got to source your own images, write your own text and adapt every single aspect of the theme to suit your business. Sound like a lot of work right?

Bespoke websites are built to be unique to your business, with a distinct feel and flow to the entire website that leaves an impression on every visitor. The key is to stand out from the crowd and define your business as different. Bespoke websites help you achieve this more personal feel and generate an emotional feeling towards your website.



As templates are widely used and available online they’re especially prone to hackers and malware disruption to your site. There’s also a level of assumed risk with generic templates as you are relying on the quality of the code and that it’s from a reputable maker. However, many templates are produced en-mass with little thought to security.

Bespoke website, on the other hand, are unique and the code base is not widely if at all available, therefore reducing the risk of hackers and malware to your website.


Built to meet your needs

While it is possible to get themes for your specific industry, it’s unlikely it’ll exactly match what you as a business does and what you want to achieve by having a website. There will be undoubtedly a lot of code and pages that you won’t need or ever use, which will just bloat your website and slow load times.

Whereas bespoke websites are built for you and you alone. Most generic themes will be built by web designers with absolutely no knowledge of your industry and therefore a lot of assumptions would have been made when building the theme.

By getting a bespoke website you are able to inform the web designer on specific areas of your work and what features would benefit your business and would isn’t needed.

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