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Aidan J Crowley - Actor & Producer

A full redesign and build from scratch transferring the domains away from squarespace to a Virtual Jungle server

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Photo of Aidan J Crowley

The Brief

Aidan J Crowley is an actor, tenor, producer, filmmaker, writer and director, who has worked on a variety of unique and creative projects. Previously, Aidan had several websites, each for a specific aspect of his varied career. However, this system needed improvement as visitors were likely to drop off between domains and limit exposure to each area of Aidan’s work.

Additionally, Aidan wanted to update the look and feel of his website to better reflect his unique portfolio of work. Whilst providing a clear and detailed guide on what he would like the website to look and work like, Aidan allowed me creative freedom to build his website.

Wireframe planningCoding websiute

The Process

The first step was to pull together all of the information and assets currently on Aidans several separate websites, as this was to be a collation of this information into a single website, this was an essential step in the process.

The next stage was to collate this information and the information provided by Aidan to create the first wireframes and colour palette for the new website. Once this was put together it was a case of transferring the initial designs into detailed designs for each page.

At this stage, Aidan was able to provide feedback on what he liked and what he’d like to be changed. Once these changes were made and final tweaks were added the designs were signed off and I began work building the WordPress theme from scratch.

Once the WordPress theme was built I began work setting up the admin interface to allow Aidan and any other users to edit and remove current content on the site, whilst also allowing for new content to be added.

Additionally, security measures were implemented to mitigate the risk of malicious users attempting to access the backend. This included a full scan and regular monitoring of activity to ensure the website was secure.

Finally, once live I set up redirects on all of the now unused domains to redirect any traffic from these websites to the main website. This way traffic will be streamlined and visitors are able to easily navigate to the relevant section on Aidan’s new website.

The Outcome

Aidan’s new website now better reflects Aidan’s eccentric style and his varied portfolio is now readily available to all visitors to his site, along with external links to Aidan’s social media profiles.

Preview of Aidan J Crowleys website
Figure. 1 :
Aidans acting work - Banner of video
Figure. 1 :
Aidans acting portfolio
Figure. 1 :
Aidans music portfolio
Figure. 1 :
Call to action and footer on Aidans' website
Figure. 1 :

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