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AlphaBeta Pharma

A full redesign and build to provide a professional, responsive and user friendly website. Focus on engagement and driving contact form submissions from potential clients.

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AlphaBeta Pharma is an international pharmacutical company

The Brief

AlphaBeta Pharma develops innovative solutions from public, governmental and private sources worldwide - converting theories into patented, licensed products. It was therefore of the utmost importance that their website reflected their company values and professional approach.

Previously, AlphaBeta Pharma’s website was very outdated, having been last updated over ten years ago. Many of the features and functionality no-longer worked due to being no longer supported by modern browsers. Therefore, it was essential that AlphaBetas new website not only looked great but also provided essential functionality for their business.

Wireframe planningWireframe of initial designs for Jims new website

The Process

The first stage involved collecting information from AlphaBeta Pharma about what they need the new website to do and what the content would be. Once this was collected it was a case of collating this together and forming an initial wireframe and user journey.

Next, it was time to put together a colour palette and general layout for all web pages, this will ensure visitors are presented with a consistent and cohesive layout on all pages in a sensible structure. After this, the wireframes were built on and expanded to become fully in-depth designs, with the colour palette and stock images sourced where needed.

Once these designs were approved by AlphaBeta Pharma, I began work translating them into code and building the base structure for the entire website. The basic premise being kept things simple, clean and easily navigable in order to improve usability for all audiences on all devices.

Once the basic code was complete, I began work putting together form validation to ensure visitors are able to contact AlphaBeta Pharma with as few clicks as possible, whilst still retaining the security and minimising the risk of spambots.

Lastly, I put together a news and press page, which allowed users to easily stay up-to-date with all events relating to AlphaBeta Pharma.

The Outcome

The final product is a significant improvement on the old website and will provide a valuable asset to AlphaBeta Pharma, allowing for potential business partners to find out more about AlphaBeta and also to contact them with ease, therefore streamlining their process of handling potential new partnerships.

Preview of AlphaBeta Pharmas website
Figure. 1 :
Home Page of AlphaBeta Pharma website
Figure. 1 :
Home Page - news & press most recent preview
Figure. 1 :
Products Page - AlphaBeta Pharmas product range and current status
Figure. 1 :
Services Page - AlphaBeta Pharmas provides a range of services
Figure. 1 :
Service Page - Information about the funding and development stage
Figure. 1 :

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