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Professor Jim Al-Khalili - Physicist & Broadcaster

A full redesign and build from scratch transferring the domains away from squarespace to a Virtual Jungle server

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Photo of Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE

The Brief

As a world-renowned physicist, broadcaster and author, Professor Jim Al-Khalili needed a professional website that provided information to the general public, whilst also providing a source of information for those looking to learn more about Jim and his life achievements.

Jim's previous website was hosted on Squarespace, which initially served him well although after a few months it quickly became hard to manage, broken in parts and not responsive on many common devices. Therefore, Jim was looking to completely revamp his current site and add value to his site by having it as a central database of his work as a physicist, lecturer, broadcaster and author.

Wireframe planningWireframe of initial designs for Jims new website

The Process

The first step in the process was to outline what features where required in order to have the website act as a central source for all things Jim. Next, it was time to decide on a colour palette and the general flow/layout of the website to ensure consistency.

The second stage was to pull everything together into finalised designs for Jim to review and provide feedback and finally to approve. Once these designs were approved then the next stage was to set up a backend database to store data, notably the hundreds of academic papers that Jim has worked on over his career.

Once the database was set up and working it was time to begin building the website from scratch, using best practise techniques and easily manageable code. It was essential that the website worked just as well on all screen sizes and device types, to ensure consistent user experience.

Finally, when the website was fully coded and ready to go live - the next stage involved setting up a secure backend login area for Jim or myself to securely access and update content on the website as and when needed.

The Outcome

Before making the final website live, I moved everything over to my demo site to allow Jim to preview the final website on a hidden domain. Once Jim was happy to with the final product, I configured all domain records to the new host provider and made everything live.

Preview of Professor Jim Al-Khalilis website
Figure. 1 :
TV page - preview of all the broadcasting work of Jim
Figure. 1 :
TV page - preview of the hero banner
Figure. 1 :
About page - telling Jim's story and his achievements
Figure. 1 :
About page - preview of the footer
Figure. 1 :

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